Upholstery Cleaning

Affordable Seatte – Sofa

Whatever upholstery (Sette Sofa) you have we will clean it to the highest standard.

  1. We vacuum the area to be cleaned, removing surface dirt, crumbs, hairs, grit etc.
  2. We test an unseen area, a stipulation of our insurers. This is to make sure there is no possible chance of shrinkage or colour loss during cleaning.
  3. All stains and marks are individually treated.
  4. During the cleaning method we apply:
    a) A sanitiser for hygienic purposes.
    b) An optical brightener to improve, where possible, the original colour.
    c) A scent neutraliser to remove any odours during and after cleaning.
    d) A conditioning agent to replace natural oils.
  5. We extract as much solution as possible reducing drying times.