Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Enfield Your Localy Based Carpet Cleaning Specialist

We at Carpetbrite aim for the best results possible with the least amount of disruption for our customers. Using the latest machinery and chemicals, the process is thorough.

  1. We move any furniture that can be moved that may obstruct a thorough clean.
  2. All individual spots,stains and marks are hand treated before any cleaning agents are applied.
  3. A pre-cleaning solution is applied,containing a degreaser to loosen surface dirt.This makes the cleaning method much more effective.
  4. The most suitable method of cleaning is then chosen for the type of carpet to be cleaned.
  5. During the cleaning method we apply:
    a) A sanitiser for hygienic purposes.
    b) An optical brightener to improve, where possible, the original colour.
    c) A scent neutraliser to remove any odours during and after cleaning.
    d) A conditioning agent to replace natural oils and lift pile.
    e) A fibre and fabric rinse to stabilise the dyes and help prevent re-soiling.
  6. We then rinse and extract approximately 90% of the solution.This means the drying time will be kept to a minimum.
  7. We then re-place furniture back where it was putting protective pads under the furniture to stop any staining from wood, varnish or metal.
  8. You will then be invited to inspect the work.

Our service is second to none and with 15 years experience our cleaning work is of the highest standard.